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Equipping Underserved Youth with the Tools and Information Necessary to Obtain Personal and Professional Success.


Initiative is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that was founded in 2021. With a passion for education and people development, the founders of Initiative wanted to pursue the underserved population to provide them with the tools and information necessary to obtain personal and professional success. The team at Initiative provides underserved youth with opportunities for economic empowerment by providing a number of different programs. 

Our belief statement is “you only can go as far as you can think”. We believe in the power of personal leadership, resourcefulness, critical thinking, self-awareness and professionalism. We embody these core competencies to help to create economic empowerment for all.

Initiative Fondation Flame

Core Competencies


Providing program members with the strategies that govern effective self-leadership.

Critical Thinking

Providing program members the skills to think critically and enhance their decision quality. 


Providing program members with the skills that will lead to effective self-reflection.


Providing program members with skills that will help them to identify and obtain the resources needed to have personal and professional success. 


Providing program members the hard/soft skills to be effective in any work environment. 



A dedicated team of passionate individuals who desire to help underserved youth reach their full potential.

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