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Our Self-Mastery program is a nine month program that will consist of:


Entry Level Counseling: The first service that Self-Mastery will offer is entry level counseling. This service will consist of providing program attendees with basic stress management skills. Attendees will go through the Smith Stress Management Motivations Inventory which will assist with developing stress competencies. These competencies include: Relaxing, problem solving, critical thinking, reviewing/rehearsing, assertively expressing feelings/thoughts/desires, listening and responding with empathy, dealing with shyness and social anxiety, conflict resolution, time management, dealing with procrastination and developing a personal philosophy of life conducive to effective coping. Also, attendees will go through a personality assessment (Myers-Brigg) to help them understand how they interact with themselves, their environment and those around them.


Educational Curriculum: The second service that Self-Mastery will offer is training in entrepreneurship/professional and trade skills. The curriculum will be rooted in self-leadership. Attendees will learn about and develop strategies that govern the construct of self- leadership. These strategies consist of behavioral strategies, cognitive strategies and reward-based strategies. Attendees will then be presented with two pathways. The first pathway will involve developing the skillset needed to understand how to have success as an entrepreneur/professional. The second pathway will involve understanding and developing the skillset needed to be successful in a specific trade.


Internship: The third service that Self-Mastery will offer will be hands on application through internship. Attendees will have the option to participate in a domestic internship which would allow them to create and manage a project that fits within the confines of the organization's mission or intern at a partnering organization that will help them apply the skillset learned throughout the program.

Confident Businesswoman

Leadership Empowerment and Development 


Our L.E.A.D Program is a 6 week program that will teach participates the strategies that govern the concept of self-leadership. At Initiative we believe that if you effectively lead self, the right people will follow. By developing these strategies, participants will build their self awareness and develop the skills needed to effectively set and reach goals that will help to enhance their quality of life and empower them to become leaders within their communities. The strategies that will be taught in this program include:


Behavior-focused strategies 

Participants will learn how to focus on self-observation, self-goal setting, self-reward, self-punishment and self-cueing. Self-observation enhances an individual's self-awareness that is necessary to change ineffective behaviors. Self-set challenging goals combined with self-set rewards have been found to energize individuals to accomplish tasks. Self-rewards include intangible rewards such as congratulating oneself for an accomplishment or tangible rewards such as a vacation on completion of a difficult task. Self-punishment or self-correcting behavior allows individuals to reshape their behaviors. Self-cues such as motivational notes/posters focus attention on goal achievement. Overall, behavioral strategies tend to foster positive desirable behaviors while reducing ineffective behaviors.


Natural reward strategies 

Participants will learn how to focus on building more pleasant and enjoyable features into activities so that tasks become rewarding and also consist of shaping an individual's perception to focus on the rewarding aspects of the tasks. 


Constructive thought-oriented strategies 

Participants will learn how to focus on mental imagery of future success and positive self-talk

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